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TemperaturePro® El Paso is a full-service HVAC company that provides anything customers may need for home heating and cooling services in and around El Paso. TemperaturePro technicians can install units, diagnose issues, make repairs, and conduct maintenance for everyone in the El Paso area. Our TemperaturePro® El Paso technicians are among the best professionals in the HVAC industry, so you can trust with complete certainty that they’ll do the job well.

Heating Services

El Paso is no stranger to cold weather; in fact, snow falls in the area every few years. The best way to combat the cold weather is to have professional heating services. TemperaturePro provides these services with quality and care. The technicians can install, repair, and maintain furnaces, boilers, and most other heating units. When it comes to keeping people warm, there is nothing TemperaturePro® can’t do. Every TemperaturePro technician is an El Paso resident, so they know first-hand what a customer deals with on a seasonal basis.

Like any other HVAC unit, a home-heating system is a major investment that directly affects the level of comfort you experience in your home. Heaters can last for twenty years, so you must keep the long-term implications in mind when deciding to purchase a heating system. TemperaturePro will make sure the customer gets the most out of his or her heating unit. Make the right choice for your home; call TemperaturePro today!

Cooling Services

Cooling units play a major role in sustaining a high standard of living, especially with the hot summers that are very common here. Every step of TemperaturePro’s process is carefully thought out and calculated with the goal of providing quality cooling services. The process begins with a load calculation to understand the home and customers’ needs. Then, the unit that matches the needs of the home and homeowner is picked out. Choosing the proper system guarantees that the unit will not overwork and that it will cool efficiently.

Once the proper system is found, the rest of the process is a breeze. TemperaturePro® contractors will install the unit and make sure it is working at maximum capacity. Whether you want an AC unit, a ductless system, or a heat pump, TemperaturePro® El Paso can install, maintain, and repair them all to ensure that the people of El Paso stay cool during the summer.

Maintenance & Repair

Even though everyone knows regular maintenance is important, it is often underrated or overlooked. Consistent maintenance from a professional HVAC technician provides homeowners with several benefits. It can save money on the utility bill by causing the unit to run more efficiently, and it can preemptively attack any minor issues before they cause major breakdowns. In addition to these great benefits, homeowners have peace of mind knowing that their system is well maintained. After all, the primary purpose of maintenance is preventing major problems.

Think of it this way: People don’t drive their cars without getting an oil change. Similarly, you shouldn’t run your HVAC system for the majority or entirety of the year without actively seeking out maintenance for your system. TemperaturePro® El Paso has great maintenance plans that take the customer’s budget into account. Call TemperaturePro today to make sure your unit is running effectively and efficiently!

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air that is breathed within the home is determined by several things, including lifestyle, health issues, location, and presence of animals in the house. Many factors influence the indoor air quality (IAQ), and TemperaturePro has the information and the resources to help. TemperaturePro’s IAQ experts will make sure that the air homeowners breathe meets their expectations. TemperaturePro offers different products and services to make sure the air you breathe inside your home is as clean as it can be.

Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. To meet your family’s air quality needs, take a look at the IAQ products TemperaturePro® El Paso provides:

  • Air Cleaner & Purifier: Air cleaners and purifiers eliminate contaminants in the air directly. They’re the first defense against air quality issues.
  • Air Humidifier: Good humidity levels are key to having good indoor air quality; that’s where air humidifiers come in. A humidifier will help preserve wooden furniture and aid people who suffer from asthma or severe allergies.
  • Ventilator: Fresh air is one of the best ways to improve air quality. Ventilators work with other HVAC systems to cycle in fresh air without wasting energy or undermining the work the systems do.
  • UV Lamps: Bacteria can be a threat to a homeowner’s health and safety. UV lamps will eliminate them with their ultraviolet light before they are circulated through the system.

Any questions? Give TemperaturePro a call so the IAQ experts can answer them. Get the best indoor air quality solution for your home and/or business with TemperaturePro today.

Ductless Air Conditioner Services

TemperaturePro is proud to offer the ductless AC unit to the El Paso area. Even though a ductless unit operates on the same basic premise as a complete AC unit, it’s more suitable in certain situations than others. For example, small apartments or home additions can benefit the most from the ductless units.

Ductless air conditioners work during both summer and winter, making them all-purpose machines. They’re highly efficient by design; no ducts means no air lost through ductwork. To find out if you should have a ductless system, give TemperaturePro a call today.

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