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Call TemperaturePro® El Paso for Central Air Conditioner Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services in the El Paso area.

ac unitsEl Paso gets really hot during the summer, and the best way to stay cool is to utilize TemperaturePro’s extensive cooling services. Great in-home comfort comes from capable air conditioners, and the first place anyone in the El Paso area should call for great in-home comfort is TemperaturePro.

TemperaturePro® El Paso can:

  • Professionally install new cooling or heating equipment
  • Maintain your current equipment to keep it running smoothly
  • Make any repairs that are needed
  • Replace your current A/C with more efficient equipment

TemperaturePro® technicians understand the intricacies of AC units and other cooling systems, and one concept they stress to customers is efficiency. They know that a homeowner’s cooling unit will work very hard during the summer heat waves, and to make sure that a homeowner’s unit does not break or stress too hard, it must be efficient. For a unit to be efficient, it must be regularly serviced by professional HVAC contractors. TemperaturePro® El Paso is here to help with this necessary aspect of maintaining a cooling unit.

Whether you need regular maintenance, a quick repair, a new unit, or another form of HVAC assistance, TemperaturePro has the people and the capacity to get the job done. TemperaturePro technicians are NATE certified and have years of experience; you can trust that they will back up their experience and certifications with great service. Making sure that service is quick and friendly while complementing it with affordable prices ensures that TemperaturePro leaves customers not only comfortable but also satisfied.

Wherever you are in El Paso, TemperaturePro can serve your needs. If you live in Fort Bliss, Socorro, San Elizario, or near downtown El Paso, TemperaturePro is the place to call.

AC Installation and Sales

el paso tech 2AC units and other cooling systems can last for more than a decade, which is quite a long journey. The first step of any journey is often the most important because it sets the tone for what is to come. That’s why TemperaturePro® heavily stresses the importance of the installation process.

Improperly sized air conditioners are a problem that we see all too often in the home comfort industry. It’s a problem that can lead to bigger problems down the road. Aside from an inflated energy bill, the increased wear and tear on an improperly sized system will lead to expensive repairs.

To prevent this from happening, TemperaturePro conducts a full-load calculation to assess the home’s demand before doing anything else. This calculation will take into account the home’s square footage, layout, insulation, and load-generating appliances in order to determine how much cooling power is needed for the home. After the calculation is complete, TemperaturePro will work with the customer to find something that fits their budget and meets their needs without wasting energy.

TemperaturePro’s HVAC technicians then install the unit and get it running as soon as possible. Their extensive training and experience will make sure this goes over smoothly for the customer. The goals of TemperaturePro® are to meet the customer’s expectations and to promise comfort for years to come. These goals can’t be met if the wrong unit is installed, so TemperaturePro® technicians ensure that they get it right from the start. Don’t call anyone other than TemperaturePro® El Paso to install your next cooling unit!

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

elpaso techNo amount of maintenance and care can prevent a unit from breaking down, so TemperaturePro offers fast-response maintenance and repair teams to meet any unexpected and urgent problems. Customers depend on air conditioners not only to stay cool during the summer but also to remain safe in their homes during dangerously hot outside temperatures. Not having reliable cooling units during a summer heat wave can be dangerous, especially in El Paso. That’s why TemperaturePro provides emergency repair services. Flexible hours will make sure technicians can work around busy schedules and outside of usual business hours. Striving to make big problems go away quickly is what TemperaturePro® does.

Reliable AC service throughout the summer is crucial.

TemperaturePro strives to make sure the people of El Paso get the reliable AC service that they need and deserve.
  • NATE Certified TemperaturePro technicians can maintain and repair your equipment
  • We leave the work area better than we found it
  • Professional, background checked technicians give you 5 star service

Quality technicians can repair and maintain AC units for long periods of time; when something out of your control causes the unit to stop working, TemperaturePro will respond quickly to correct the problem. These are just a few reasons why TemperaturePro® El Paso should be your first choice when it comes to staying cool during the summer.

To learn more about why TemperaturePro is the right choice for you, give us a call today!

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